AAJ Brisbane

An App That Brings Jains of Brisbane On a Single Platform

Who doesn’t love to have a successful and fulfilling life! It takes more than just materialistic prosperity. Developing strong and healthy mutual connections play a major role in achieving this sense of fulfilment.

However, building relations is not an easy task. You need to get in touch with the right set of people who can help you see and understand the world through a whole new prism.

AAJ – which means TODAY in Hindi – is an endeavour where we have tried to bring in like-minded people on a single platform. A concept conceived by the enterprising Jain community living across Brisbane, AAJ is a social community app with an aim to empower people in all spectrums.

Learn More About the Doctrines of Jainism in Brisbane With This App

Designed and built by the resourceful Jain community based in Brisbane, this app offers easy access to some of the first-rate life and business coaching resources. An ultimate business training app, this platform combines the principles of Jainism and contemporary business world to assist bright and aspiring minds to create a fulfilled life.

For years, the Jain community has been residing and prospering in Brisbane. However, with time the community has been dispersed. AAJ is an effort by Jains in Brisbane to share their experiences and ideas and bring the scattered community on the same platform. Moreover, this app motivates the young minds to take the less-explored roads to achieve great heights.

An App by Jain Community and for Jain Community in Brisbane

Regardless of what you do – whether you own a start up, profitable business or pursuing higher education – this app helps you live the “Today”. With multiple intuitive, interactive and amazing set of features, AAJ app enables its fellow members to access knowledge-rich training resources with just a few taps.

A Look at the Amazing Features of AAJ App

  • Fast and effortless access to some of the world’s most unique and best training resources at any time and anywhere.
  • A huge digital library full of motivational and training videos by some of the top business leaders across Brisbane.
  • A large student directory to help employers access the talent pool from within the community.

Download the AAJ App Today. Visit the iOS or Android Play Store.