AAJ Adelaide

Road to Comprehensive Development With (Jain) Community Driven App

Running behind the materialistic world, often we fail to focus on our overall emotional, mental and spiritual growth. This creates a major hurdle in leading a fulfilled life. When you get in touch with the right set of people, you can embark on a new journey of self discovery.

AAJ – that means TODAY in Hindi – is one such community driven social app that’s designed to help you take a road to holistic development. This social community app is made by the Jains and for the Jain community in Adelaide and focuses on empowering you to get a new outlook of life.

Make Your Life More Satisfying by Following Jain Beliefs

A brainchild of the dynamic Jain community in Adelaide, this app offers instant access to some of the first-class life coaching resources, based on the doctrines of Jainism. In addition to this, a team of qualified Jain professionals have applied their experience of staying and working in Adelaide and compiled meaningful business resources. These resources help aspiring and bright entrepreneurs to ensure their journey becomes relatively smooth.

An ultimate community app, this platform combines the principles of Jainism and contemporary business doctrines to assist young professionals to make the most of their lives.

In the past few years, the Jain community in Adelaide is growing, both in terms of number and reputation. AAJ aims to bring these Jain professionals spread across Adelaide to share their experiences and ideas. Moreover, this app assists Jain students to build a strong foundation for your career. Also, this app motivates the young minds to take the less travelled path to achieve great heights.

Whether you have a start up, have a successful business or study in the university – this app helps you live in the “PRESENT”. With multiple interactive and amazing set of features, AAJ app enables you to access resources with just a few taps.

A Look at the Amazing Features of AAJ App

  • Effortless and instant access to some of the world’s top-notch resources whenever you want.
  • Access a rich digital library full of motivational and training videos by some of the top business leaders in Adelaide and across the world.
  • A large Jain student directory to help employers to find the right talent pool from within the community.

Download the AAJ App Today. Visit the iOS or Android Play Store.