AAJ empowers Jains and inspires them to take actions TODAY for better tomorrow

AAJ (means Today in Hindi)

inspires people who align with Jainism's philosophy to start living in Today and take actions Today for better tomorrow.

Our mission is to transform communities via a platform where everyone can Learn Act and Inspire to achieve vision-based business/career and life.

4 petals in the logo resemble sunrise and growth for all. The extension on top of J symbolises a safe and trusted environment.

Our platform is relevant for everyone i.e. professionals, individuals, businesses and students.

Our Core Values

We believe in law of giving. Everyone who joins AAJ is there to give and learn and if everyone is there to give then automatically everyone else will receive without any expectations. We believe in the philosophy of responsibility without designation and secret contribution. This core value will assure that AAJ’s platform will never be misused for any individual’s benefit.

We provide a framework to help new and existing businesses & professionals to stay focussed on their strengths, vision and passion without compromising ethical values and love for living beings. We believe in us controlling money instead of money controlling us. We believe in having financial freedom in our life so that we don’t have to compromise our personal and spiritual life.

We believe the non violence must be in our thoughts, words and actions. Not having negative feelings towards any other member, competitor or group is highly critical to give way for positive thinking. Platform will be used to assist and encourage members to follow these principles in their business / workplace. This also includes following Janism principles while serving food in any events and eating before sunset.

Respecting others point of view and situation is very important as we believe everyone’s journey is different and can have different point of view. We believe that everybody is right in their own way and it doesn’t matter whether you earn or contribute more or less, we will never give special treatment based on that. AAJ’s platform will never be misused to satisfy one’s status or publicity objectives.

Success Stories

If not TODAY Then When?

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